Further Qualifications

Hi there! I am pleased to announce that I am now a certified Fitdankbaby Instructor!

I will be offering Fitdankbaby classes in the postal code region SP1, SP2 and SP5 in Salisbury Wiltshire.

Each Fitdankbaby Mini class consists of a warm-up, strengthening exercises targeting the stomach, legs, bum, back and pelvic floor, activities for the baby, cool-down, stretches and relaxation. The baby is integrated in each class and the baby’s weight intensifies the exercises for their mum. And even better: the training weight increases throughout the course!
Babies must be 3 months old and have control over their head and up to 9 months old.

Please go to www.fitdankbaby.co.uk for further details of courses or send me an email or give me a call

Email : natalie.marsh@fitdankbaby.co.uk

Tel : 07980 838708


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