What do I do now I have two children and my old place of work won’t consider me back part time?

This was the question I have been pondering for the last 4 years.

Before my husband and I had our first child I worked as an equine veterinary nurse. I loved my job it combined my love of horses and the passion to look after them, with the scientific, technical and physical challenges it also proffered. Mixing this with a human element of client interaction and education made the job both fulfilling and rewarding. The job consumed me and I couldn’t just walk away after the shift finished, I would always be thinking of my patients, it was a true vocation.

After having our first baby, and whilst on maternity leave I had requested to come back to work on part time hours.

I remember the day I received the letter informing me that there was no part time role available and that I would have to go back to full time hours or resign.

I used to work, on average, 60 hours a week including night duties and working late often when the job demanded it. I was in the car park in Stratford-sub-Castle with my first born asleep in the back prior to us attending a baby sensory session. I cried and cried. I just couldn’t entertain the idea of missing so much time with my baby and having someone else raise her. I just had no choice but to resign despite my passion for working with medical science and horses.

6 years later, we now have two children. The second will be starting school soon and so it was time for me to start rebuilding a career again. My first move was to join Forever Living as a distributor of their products. I had experience of how these were used in the treatment of various equine disorders during my time in my previous work place so I saw this as a great vessel for using my previous knowledge in a new venture.

With the amount of supplements and sports and weight management products Forever do I decided to go a step further and start a foundation degree level nutrition course to increase my knowledge, therefore assisting my ability to advise people about these products. I am currently still completing this.

My most exciting challenge has been my most recent achievement. Having been an attendee of a weekly class that seemed destined to cease, I have qualified as a Hula fitness instructor. I now take classes in Alderbury that utilize the traditional hula-hoop throughout. This class is a fun way to keep fit, it improves core muscle strength whilst giving you a full body workout. We all laugh with friends and hula our way to a healthier and fitter person. It’s the perfect exercise to tone the mummy tummy and get to meet local people whilst leaving your inhibitions at the door.

The classes consist of low impact aerobics type dance moves whilst hula hooping and most people of all ages can do it.

The boring bit….. there are exclusions to the above and if you have any worries before starting this or any kind of exercise you should always contact your doctor first.

I am hoping to extend my classes to other venues to encourage others to take up this fun activity.

I also sell my own hula-hoops which are made to measure and can be decorated to your specification.

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